A Sailor's Song Video Uses Psalm 139 to Offer Hope and Encouragement

(Photo: YouTube screenshot/A Sailor's Song)A Sailor's Song

A uniquely beautiful video entitled "A Sailor's Song" is offering viewers hope and encouragement to start over this week.

"A Sailor's Song" is the latest video in INSP's award-winning Moments series, and hit the web on Monday. The emotional clip features a weathered sailor who is struggling to reconnect with his son.

"Beginnings - the older you get, the rarer they become," the clip begins with stunning scenes of the ocean.

As the story unfolds, the sailor describes his life on the fishing boat while acknowledging his shortcomings.

"Storms will come, skies will grow dark, sometimes you'll get lost along the way, but you'll always have what you need to make it through," he narrates before quoting a special Psalm that offers strength through God.

"If I dwell in the farthest part of the sea, even there, your hands will guide me," the sailor recites. "Live by this Psalm as I have and your ship will always see the beginnings of a new day."

Toward the end of the clip, the sailor reconciles endings with beginnings - praying for new ones all the time.

Watch "A Sailor's Song" to see the heartwarming conclusion.

"And it seems that even I get another chance, a fresh start," says the sailor.

"A Sailor's Song" is the latest installment to the Moments series by the family entertainment television network INSP. The original, short-length programs have earned several awards and are designed to inspire viewers with stories that celebrate love, faith, patriotism and other timeless truths. The videos on the Moments series are well-known for excellence and positive messaging, and they resonate with thousands of viewers ranging across demographics.

Past videos in the Moments series have touched on family, friendship, morality, as well as poverty, adoption, homelessness, social justice, and religious freedom. The series has earned a Telly Award and a Summit Creative Award, among many more, and has been shortlisted for the Primetime Emmy's, while also receiving special recognition from the Department of Defense for "service to our country."