Teen Accidentally Kills Brother: 12 Year Old Shot Dead by Sibling in Florida

A teen has accidentally killed his brother after allegedly shooting him with a gun, according to various reports out this weekend. The incident reportedly took place on Friday and involved a 16 year old Orlando, Florida boy shooting dead his 12 year old brother in what appears to be a tragic accident.

After the older sibling accidentally shot his younger brother, the younger sibling was rushed to Arnold Palmer Hospital. He was reportedly unconscious when he arrived at the hospital, and despite the best efforts of medical staff at the center he was unable to be revived and was later pronounced dead from the gunshot wound.

According to local officials, the tragic incident appeared to be an accident and no foul play is currently suspected. The older teen is not expected to face any charges in his brother's death.

Orlando Police Department spokesman Sgt. Jim Young has told reporters: "Detectives will be meeting at a later date with the State Attorneys Office to discuss the case and decide if there is any negligence. The family is fully cooperating with the investigation; however, they are requesting privacy."

The incident is in fact the second gun-related accident to take place in the Orlando area in this week alone. Earlier this week on Wednesday a four year old Pine Hills boy found a loaded gun and in playing with it shot it off, hitting himself in the head. He survived the gunshot although he is still reportedly still in a critical condition this weekend.

An investigation is still being carried out into that incident, and it has still not been made public how the young child managed to get his hands on a loaded gun.