Teen Bank Robber in Nebraska Caught After Boasting in YouTube Video (PHOTO)

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(Photo: YouTube/Jellee Beanie via The Christian Post)The teenager accused of being a bank robber seen in her YouTube video boasting of her alleged crime.

A teen bank robber from Nebraska has been arrested after boasting about her heist on a YouTube video she posted online.

Hannah Sabata, 19, allegedly robbed a Cornerstone Bank in Waco, Neb on Nov. 28 and now faces charges of theft and robbery. In her video she also admitted to driving a stolen vehicle, which she describes as a "shiny" Pontiac Grand Am.

Following a popular trend on YouTube, the teen does not speak during her video, but instead has added text to the video of what she wanted to say. In the video she talks about her robbery and eventually shows evidence of the heist by fanning out a big wad of cash in front of the camera.

She titled to video "Chick Bank Robber."

In the description to the video she wrote: "I just stole a car and robbed a bank. Now I'm rich, I can pay off my college financial aid and tomorrow I'm going for a shopping spree."

However, police were soon made aware of the video on the popular video sharing site. Officials said that she could even be seen wearing the same clothes worn during the actual bank robbery, where more than $6,000 was stolen.

During the bank robbery the thief pointed a gun at a teller, and handed over a note saying, "You are being robbed! NO ALARMS OR LOCKS OR PHONES or INK BAGS! I have a loaded gun. You have 2 minutes," police officers have said, according to NTV.

It is unknown whether she realized that her video confession could land her in hot water, and it is unclear initially how she plans to plead to the charges being put up against her.

In her video she appears to be in a bedroom with a Green Day song playing in the background. She boasts that the gun she used in the robbery was fake, and further adds that she had hinted to her mom about the "best day of her life" but that her mother thought she had just met a new guy.

In the video she also boasts that she planned to buy marijuana with the cash, and also insists that she deserved the money – saying the government took her baby away. She calls the "system" a "game."

However, the teen's quick confession has allowed police to capture her quickly, and for all her boasting about what she planned to do with the cash, police have said that they have recovered all but $30 of what was stolen.

Police have also confirmed that the YouTube video will be played as evidence against her when she is tried.

Sabata will appear in court again on Dec. 26, and she has currently been set bond of $300,000.

Here is the video of Sabata boasting about her bank robbery: