Teen Dies Playing Chicken With Trains: Tragedy Strikes San Lorenzo High School (VIDEO, PHOTO)

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(Photo: ABC Screen Shot)A 15 year old teenager has died after being struck by a train as he and his friends played chicken with trains near San Lorenzo High School.

A teen has died playing chicken with trains on Thursday, in what appears to be a tragic yet unnecessary accident.

The 15 year old, Austin Price, was reportedly playing on the train tracks with two friends in Alameda County. They were apparently playing chicken with trains, standing on the tracks until the trains were close and then jumping out the way at the last minute.

However, the Hayward youth mistimed his escape when one northbound Capitol Corridor train came down the tracks, and he was struck by the train at about 6 p.m. on Thursday.

The student community at San Lorenzo High School has been shocked by his tragic death, and have commented that he will be remembered as a kind, caring and sweet boy who always put others before himself.

Alameda County Sheriff's Deputy, April Luckett, has explained that the other two teenagers were unhurt in the accident.

The local community has reported that many students from the San Lorenzo School as well as many in the local community walk near the train tracks, and it is not uncommon for the children to hang out near them. Although some have expressed concerns that it was a tragedy waiting to happen, no action had been taken yet, and now it appears it is too late for the 15 year old victim.

School Principal Tovi Scruggs has said, "It's an ongoing concern. Tragedies don't happen frequently, but we know the tracks are not staying empty," according to The San Francisco Chronicle.

Another student at the school has also explained that students play chicken "all the time" on the train tracks.

Grief counselors have attended the school to help students struggling to come to terms with the tragedy.

Here is a video news report into the tragic death at San Lorenzo High School: