Teen Gives Judge the Finger: Gets 30 Days in Jail to Teach Her Lesson (VIDEO)

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(Photo: YouTube/LiveLeak)This teenager, Penelope Soto, was sentenced to 30 days in jail for swearing at a judge.

A teen has given a judge the finger, and received a 30 day jail sentence for the insult.

Teenager, Penelope Soto, was apparently stunned by the consequences of her actions after choosing to insult a judge directly to his face as she faced a hearing for drug possession.

The incident took place in Miami this week, and through her hearing Soto reportedly giggled, rolled her eyes at the judge, and played with her hair.

However, Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat was in no mood to play games with the teenager, and after ignoring a numerous incidents of behavior that would be considered disrespectful, he finally snapped when the girl gave him the finger.

At the hearing, the judge set Soto's bond at $5,000, which sparked the teen to shout out "Adios." After hearing that reaction the judge had her called back to face him where he upped her bond to $10,000. Not realizing she was playing with fire, Soto snapped and shouted out at the judge, "Are you serious?"

She then flipped up her middle finger at the judge while saying that he could "Go **** himself!"

Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat was not impressed, and knew exactly what to do to show the teenager who was in charge and to teach her to pay greater respect next time in court. He immediately sentenced her to 30 days in jail.

Video footage caught the incident, which has now gone viral, with many people applauding the judge to his strict tone with the disrespectful teenager.

One blogger wrote, "Well done sir for being strict with this horrid girl. Such disrespect. Go exactly what she deserved. Maybe that will teach her to have some manners."

Here is a video of the incident taking place in Miami: