Teen Kicked Out of Summer Camp for Kissing Boy

The family of a 15-year-old girl known only as "Jane M." is suing Camp Emerson in Connecticut after she was escorted from camp premises by an armed guard for kissing a boy. The camp does not ban kissing, but Jane was still forced to leave.

Jane had attended Camp Emerson for four years before the incident led to her expulsion. According to court documents, she "quickly developed feelings" for a fellow camper called "Dick" in the suit. The two "openly held hands during camp activities," and received no indication that their relationship was against the rules, which it wasn't.

Eventually, Dick worked up the nerve to kiss Jane, which led to all sorts of problems for the pair. The camp director, Sue Lein, reportedly called Jane a "slut" and "tramp" and "yelled and screamed" at the couple in front of other campers. She also accused them of "sexually provocative behavior including the removal of each other's clothing."

Jane's father, speaking to CBS, told the new agency that his daughter was merely kissing the boy and that the camp director's claims were completely false.

"I'm a conservative, strict, prude father, especially when it comes to my daughters, but a kiss in summer camp isn't something that should result in being booted out of camp," he said. His daughter "was kicked out of camp after her very first, though undeserved, strike."

Jane, who suffers from anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder, was escorted from the campgrounds by an armed guard, the New York Daily News reported. Her father was reportedly not allowed on the premises to greet his daughter, who was left traumatized by the event. Her younger sister became so upset by the situation that she decided to leave camp early.

The family has filed suit against Camp Emerson, which refuses to refund the $6,600 charge for each girl. Attorney Rosemarie Arnold claims that Jane suffered severe emotional distress and mental anguish as a result of the treatment she received.

Dick was also expelled from the camp, but his family has not filed a suit. Jane's family says that she and Dick are now boyfriend and girlfriend.