'Teen Mom 2' Star Jenelle Evans' Pregnancy Planned, but is Evans Putting Baby at Risk by Smoking?

"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans is pregnant with her second child after having an abortion several months ago. Evans has been vocal about her decision to have an abortion but is now speaking about her decision to have this child and argues that she can be a good mother.

"I panicked – I'd just gotten off heroin. I was very skinny and unhealthy. I wasn't stable," Evans told "In Touch Weekly" about her aborted pregnancy. "But I hope people will see where I was then and where I am now and why I decided it's OK to keep this baby."

Evans and current boyfriend Nathan Griffith are expecting their first child together in June and so far, everything is good. The two are planning to get married as soon as Evans can divorce her legal husband, Courtland Rogers. Evans and Griffith got together not long after Evans had her abortion; fans of the "Teen Mom 2" series have watched the evolution of their relationship play out on TV.

"We planned it," Evans said of the pregnancy with Griffith. "We're financially stable. He's a good father. I'm in a much better place. I can be a good mom. My mom says that if I stay stable for one more year, she'll give me custody of Jace. Everyone thinks I can't do this, but I can't wait to prove them wrong."

However, a photo posted to Twitter showed Evans' schoolbooks along with a pack of cigarettes. People were quick to slam Evans and remind her that she was not doing the right thing for her unborn baby. Evans has responded with a defense and long explanation stating that the cigarettes were not hers even though the textbooks are.

"Every move that I make is watched and criticized! So when I tweeted the photo of my school books, I should have known the analyzing that would begin because of this photo! The cigarettes in the photo are NOT mine," Evans posted to her website.