'Teen Mom 3' Star Mackenzie Douthit McKee: 'Next Time You Wanna Give Up, Give it All to God'

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(Photo: Twitter/DouthitKenzie)'Teen Mom 3' star Mackenzie Douthit McKee and son Gannon.

Former "Teen Mom 3" star Mackenzie Douthit (McKee) has spoken frequently about her faith and the importance of God in her life. In a new post, McKee revealed that God saved her marriage to Josh when it was at a low point.

Mackenzie and Josh have been through several ups and downs in their relationship, which viewers saw on the reality show "Teen Mom 3." Yet the couple always kept faith and God at the center of their relationship and managed to make it work. They have one son, Gannon, and another child on the way. But during one particular point in their relationship, they considered divorcing. That's when Mackenzie turned to her staple, prayer, for help and guidance.

"As mostly everyone knows we have had many struggles in our relationship and even after we got married the devil really attacked our relationship," Mackenzie wrote on her Instagram account. "I was about to give up and so was he. I never let my praying knees get lazy and right before we were gonna call it off for good, God just worked his magic, found us a house, and just like that we're now best friends and he is the most loving, caring, hard-working guy and I couldn't imagine my life without him."

"Anyway, at the end of the meal, a man and his wife came up to us and shook our hand(s) and told us they know we have been struggling and have really been praying for us," Mackenzie continued. "He was a preacher and come to find out my best friend @caylapaige took us to listen to him one time. He left and our waiter told us he paid for our meal. There is such wonderful people in this world. God is awesome. And next time you wanna give up, give it all to God," she concluded.

Mackenzie has often turned to God when things are rough and has inspired her over 200,000 Twitter followers with Scripture-based tweets and encouragement.