'Teen Mom 3' Stars Supported by Original 'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout

Last night saw the premiere of four new young mothers' stories on "Teen Mom 3." The four girls have the full support of one of the original "Teen Moms," Maci Bookout, who has become a celebrity in her own right since starring on the MTV series.

The show picked up five months after the birth of the latest set of babies. The four girls, who all starred on "16 & Pregnant," made the decision to be on the follow-up series, joining the ranks of eight other young women who appeared on "Teen Mom" and "Teen Mom 2."

"Oh my God, I love all of them," Bookout told "In Touch." "Alex is just like, she's just so real" and Alex's co-star Mackenzie "is just the sweetest thing." Bookout added that Briana is "just so pretty," and that she has a closer relationship with Katie.

"Me and Katie, I swear we were meant to be twins. Everything she tweets, I'm just like, oh my God, we are twins," she said.

Bookout and son Bentley were on four seasons of "Teen Mom" before the show went off the air. Yet Bookout remained one of the most popular girls and recently starred on her own MTV special, "Being Maci." She regularly speaks to groups of teenagers about her life being a young, single parent. Bookout offered the newest group of teen girls advice for surviving reality TV.

"Just ignore everything and remember why [you] signed up to do this show in the first place. I think they should just live their life and just let everyone else watch it. I think that 'Teen Mom 3' is a good way to show a good variety of all different types of girls and what each struggle can bring because not everyone is the same. Not everyone is living the same life," Bookout said.

Katie is one of the four new girls and said that she "really had a heart to heart and sit-down" before deciding to do the series. "You only have so many chances in the world to truly make a difference and actually kind of selflessly help someone, and that's why I wanted to do it."

"We're all different girls," Katie told The Stir. "We're all from completely different parts of the country. We are as different as we can be from one another, all kind of in the same situation, and it's kind of cool to see how 12 different girls from 12 different parts of the world handle the same situation."

It's clear that all of those in the "Teen Mom" franchise have unique experiences, and only time will tell what this season has in store for the newest crop of mothers.

"Teen Mom 3" airs Monday nights on MTV.