'Teen Mom' Catelynn Lowell to Adopt Brother Nick if Mom 'Derails Again'

"Teen Mom" star Catelynn Lowell has had a tumultuous relationship with her mother, April. The pair has had epic fights, and April has been to rehab numerous times for her addiction to narcotics and alcohol. Even though she is doing well now, Lowell has said she will "step in and adopt" her 6-year-old brother, Nick, if April starts using again.

"If my mom derails again, I will step in and adopt my brother," the teen told Radar Online. "I know that my mom loves her children, but when it comes to addict parents, sometimes they love their drug or alcohol more than they love their children."

It would be a dramatic change for the young woman who chose to give daughter Carly up for adoption when she became pregnant at 16. Now, though, Lowell is engaged to longtime boyfriend Tyler Baltierra and has her sights set on becoming an adoption counselor.

"I would put pillows underneath her head while she was passed out on the table," Lowell said of her own childhood. "I pretty much saw my mom drunk almost every day. I had to grow up really fast."

Fans of the series "Teen Mom" saw April's bruises after an altercation with her current husband, Butch. The two got into an argument possibly fueled by drugs and alcohol, and Butch beat April. A neighbor called the cops and Butch was put back in prison for violating his parole and domestic assault.

April has tried to make amends with her family, including Lowell.

"It would be a good place for Nick [to live]," she told Radar Online. "But it's not going to happen. My kids are too important to me. I feel bad Catelynn had to grow up around me drinking all the time. She shouldn't have had to worry about her mom."