'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Adopting Baby Boy: April Fool's Prank?

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(PHOTO) Twitter: @F1abrahamFarrah Abraham and her three-year-old daughter Sophia

"Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham took to Twitter Monday where she announced that she was in the process of adoptng, but critics are speculating whether the tweet may have been a hoax.

The 21-year-old single mom revealed that she is adopting a baby boy, but fans could not help but notice that the tweet came on April 1st, which also happens to be April Fool's day.

"Big day for Sophia & I:) Were adopting a baby brother , Sophia is super excited xo! Adopting is a #blessing," Abraham tweeted.

The adoption tweet comes hot off the heels of a recent DWI scandal. On March 17, the MTV star was arrested and charged with DWI after reportedly blowing a .147 on a breathalyzer and she addressed the incident in a recent blog post.

"Now that the dust has settled and maybe you noticed there was no mug shot, no one got injured, no cars were totaled, and I received no felony charges maybe your ready to read what simply happened rather then regard to the over sensationalized, dramatic reporters regurgitated instigations," Abraham wrote.

The reality TV star attended a lingerie party at Halo Ultra Lounge in Omaha, Nebraska hours before her DWI bust. She adnitted to consuming alchol but insists she was not drunk.

"I know myself and I had not drank to the extent to be negligent," Abraham insisted. "I am certified to sell alcohol and bartend so I am very cautious and responsible regarding just a night out with drinking."

Some critics have questioned whether Abraham is fit to adopt a child particularly after receiving widespread criticism over her parenting methods.

In January, the reality TV star admitted to waxing her 3-year-old daughter's eyebrows after claiming that she had a "unibrow." Various critics immediately blasted Abraham for subjecting her child to an adult beauty procedure, suggesting that she was incapable of adequate parenting.