'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Back Together With Kieffer Delp? (PHOTO)

"Teen Mom" Jenelle Evans has had a year of ups and downs, but now it appears the star may be headed in the wrong direction by getting together with ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp. Evans tweeted several photos of son Jace playing with Delp in her home, sparking rumors that the two are back together and upsetting her fans.

"Jenelle! Get away from him! Nooooo!" tweeted Nicole Caruso after seeing the picture of Jace watching TV while leaning against Delp. And she was not the only one to post shock and dismay at the reconnection between Evans and Delp.

"Kieffer?! I thought ud moved on and got engaged to some other guy?" asked Meaghan Alves. It's true that Evans was engaged to former Marine Gary Head, but the couple separated, briefly reunited, and separated again while calling off their engagement. Evans and Head were arrested after an argument turned physical, and drug paraphernalia was found in the home.

The couple is an interesting pairing since Delp was the one who tweeted nude photos of Evans after her breast implantations. When asked whether she forgave him for posting the photos, Evans replied, "nope."

Many fans have pointed out that Evans should be focusing on her son, Jace, and rebuilding her life instead of dating two men. Delp was one who often got Evans into trouble with drug use; the two separated after Evans was sent to rehab for addiction to marijuana.

Just last week Evans tweeted, twice, that she and Delp are not back together, yet six days later posted two photos of her son playing with Delp. It begs the question of whether the "Teen Mom" star has actually reunited with her former flame, or why the pair is even spending time together. At one point in her life, Evans swore off a relationship with Delp.

"Teen Mom 2," which features Evans, will return for a new season in the fall.