'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Regrets Sending Nude Post-Op Pics: 'I Can't Stop Crying'

It's no secret that "Teen Mom" Jenelle Evans has had breast augmentation surgery; she has been very vocal about wanting the surgery and even tweeted a picture before going into surgery. Now photos showing her nude, post-operation body have been leaked, and Evans said that she "can't stop crying" about the situation.

According to one report, Evan's ex-boyfriend Kieffer leaked the photos to news outlets and a media frenzy ensued. The images, which feature Evans smiling as she debuts her new chest, are currently circulating on the Internet, causing much embarrassment for the teenager, who is working to get her life back in order.

"I'm so upset and depressed," Evans tweeted earlier. "Words can't describe. Now the whole world can see me naked. I can't stop crying. Goodbye society," she added.

Just a few moments later she tweeted, "Omg (sic) still crying. I can't handle this. Been crying since 5 a.m."

It's no doubt a hard lesson to learn, as "sexting" has been on the rise among teens. While this is not a clear-cut case of "sexting," sending nude photos to others poses a huge risk of them being sent to those not originally intended.

"I feel for her but this is an example on why you never take nude pics 'cause they will surface," noted Twitter user Jennifer.

In this case, the photos could potentially hurt her chances of regaining her son Jace. She was recently released from probation after meeting all of the judge's criteria and passing several drug tests. Some fans are still voicing their support for the teenager as she goes through this crisis.

"No one deserves this, and I ask that everyone respect her body and privacy right now," Heather Clouse tweeted. "Regardless of your celebrity status you should be able to trust the people you're with."