'Teen Mom' Leah Messer Splits From Fiancee

Leah Messer has reportedly separated from her fiancée Jeremy Calvert, adding more drama to her tumultuous life. The couple had gone public with their relationship and confirmed that at one point they were expecting a child.

Messer and Calvert got engaged last December, after her divorce from Corey Simms ended amid the revelation that Messer had cheated before they were married. Messer and Simms have twin daughters Aliannah and Aleeah and share custody of the girls.

Their divorce played out on national TV as part of the "Teen Mom 2" series on MTV.

According to OK! magazine, the couple never quite got over caring for one another, which prevented Messer from being fully committed to a relationship with Calvert.

"She misses Corey, and part of her wishes she could make things work," a source told the magazine. "But another part of her loves Jeremy and wants to start a clean slate with him."

Just two weeks ago, though, problems in the relationship between Calvert and Messer led friends to question whether they would actually marry.

"Her paranoia [over Calvert cheating] really stresses Jeremy out and it's pushing him away," a source told the magazine. "She needs to loosen up the reins a little, but the problems aren't all Leah's fault."

Messer is certainly not the only "Teen Mom" caught in a love triangle. Throughout the season fans watched as Kailyn Lowry developed a relationship with new boyfriend Jordan only to throw it away by cheating with her baby's father, Jo.

Rumors abounded earlier this month that Messer was quitting "Teen Mom 2" in order to develop her own spin-off series. She has not publicly addressed the rumors, but her mother has stated that they are all untrue.

"It's sad but some try to gain money from Leah's story … they probably got money like others to sell a [false] article," she tweeted.