'Teen Mom' Reunion Special Recap: Catelynn, Tyler and Farrah Spill All (VIDEO)

The original "Teen Mom" series may have ended, but as fans know, there is always a wrap-up special with Dr. Drew Pinsky.Last night's special focused on Catelynn Lowell, Tyler Baltierra, Farrah Abraham and her mother, Debra.

Catelynn and Tyler made the big announcement that they had set a wedding date, felt "ready" after being together for eight years.

"We are soul mates who help each other change for the better," Catelynn said.It was Tyler's idea to get married next year, and Catelynn readily agreed and is now planning the happy event.

"Stop acting dumb!" is what Catelynn would tell her former self.According to Catelynn, she used to go out partying and avoided dealing with the serious family issues, such as her mom's alcoholism and drug use and her dad's abandonment.Today Catelynn and her mom, April, have an up-and-down relationship, but Catelynn said she needed to put more of an effort into the relationship with her father.

Catelynn's mom, April, revealed that she has been sober for 173 days.Dr. Drew then spoke directly to April, and called her out on her addiction to ex-husband, and abuser, Butch.Catelynn explained that she was fearful for her mom's sobriety and health.

"I don't want Nicholas (her younger brother) to grow up seeing what I saw," Catelynn said.She has made no qualms about adopting Nick if April fails to stay sober.

Then it was Farrah and Debra's turn in the hot seat.Farrah, mother of 2-year-old Sophia, admitted to being "overwhelmed" by parenthood and school.As for her relationships, she said they were "good experiences" but are now "out of the system."

"I try to date older," Farrah explained, as most 20-year-olds would not be comfortable dating a single mother.She also told Dr. Drew that she called her father "Michael" because she had "lost all respect for him.  Fighting and arguments, and having your kids at your grandparents' house … after I had Sophia, they got divorced."

The divorce is what finally pushed Farrah over the edge and led to her calling her dad by his first name.It also led to her relationship with Sophia's father, Derek Underwood, which was cut short when he died in a car accident.

Next week's "Series Finale Special" will feature Maci Bookout along with her ex-boyfriend Ryan Edwards, as well as her current boyfriend Kyle King.  There will also be discussion surrounding the turmoil of Amber Portwood and her time in jail.

Watch a clip of the "Finale Special" here: