'Teen Mom' Stars Battle, Call Each Other 'Insane' and 'Not That Intelligent'

"Teen Mom" stars Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans have engaged in a war of words yet again, with each accusing the other of acting foolishly. The two single mothers used various media sites to express their true feelings about each other.

"Only 21 years old and went under 3 plastic surgeries already?!" Evans posted on her blog. "That's insane if you ask me!"

Abraham recently went public with the news that she spent $16,000 to have chin implants, rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. The model told Us Weekly that after having daughter Sophia, she "didn't feel like I was woman enough anymore. I knew I could be happier."

Abraham fired back with her own retort on RumorFix.

"There are lots of teen mothers on MTV who are very not intelligent. I'm one of them who really works hard, who really educated myself and really cares about people. And lots of the time they call me a bitch and then act like my friend, but that's normal because I think that's what the world has become."

The two women have starred on separate seasons of the same MTV reality series, and Abraham's just wrapped after its fourth year. She has gone on to write her memoir and produce a CD and went on a whirlwind publicity tour with her mother and daughter.

Meanwhile, Evans' season is currently airing on MTV, and this week fans watched as she failed an impromptu drug test and was immediately sent to jail. Evans called her mother Barbara, whom she's had a tumultuous relationship with, for bail money, but she refused to pay the $1,000.

Evans has admitted that she has an addiction to marijuana and went through rehabilitation, where she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Not too long after being released from the rehabilitation center, though, Evans lit up while with a friend and immediately violated her probation.

"Teen Mom 2" with Evans airs Monday nights on MTV.