'Teen Moms' Quitting Show? Stars Respond to Accusations

The ladies of "Teen Mom 2" are reportedly holding out for more money and hoping to secure new contracts for season four, but several of the teen moms are speaking out and refuting the rumors.

Reality Weekly magazine first reported that Jenelle Evans and Leah Messer were holding out on signing their contracts for season three of MTV's hit series. Messer and Evans have both had a tumultuous year that has been played out for audiences all over the world: Messer going through a public divorce and taking care of a daughter with special needs, Evans going to jail and rehab.

"Whenever the issue of spin-off shows for the cast of 'Teen Mom 2' comes up, Leah has been holding her hand out for more cash," a source told Reality Weekly. "She really has gotten a big head because of all the attention. Leah says she's fed up with the interference in her life and she can't take anymore."

Evans, however, is facing a custody battle with son Jace's father, Charles Andrew Lewis. She has been in and out of jail and rehab but seems to be turning things around by enrolling and attending medical assistant school. But will she continue to share her experiences with "Teen Mom 2" audiences?

"She needs to negotiate because she's not getting anything near what the other girls are getting, and she's the highest rated Teen Mom," says her manager Leo Daniels.

Yet both young ladies are refuting the suggestions that they are leaving the show. Evans told blogger Lindsay Croninn, "I'm moving to a new house so they can film at my house because the current apartment I live in will not allow it." She has also tweeted, "I never asked anyone for more money…my manager thinks I should get paid more, but I didn't say [anything] about it."

Messer's mom has tweeted that the story is completely untrue, and that Leah's boyfriend Jeremy makes more than Leah does. "It's sad but some try to gain money from Leah's story…they probably got money like others to sell a [false] article."