Teens Break Into Police Chief's House: Quickly Hunted Down, Arrested (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Police/File)Two teens have broken into a Police Chief's House in Sugar Land, Texas. The 17 year olds, Conner Hinton and Taylor Nuttal, were quickly arrested afterwards.

Teens have broken into a police chief's house in what is being described as one of the "dumbest" break-ins in the Sugar Land, Texas area.

According to reports, two Texas teenagers broke into the police chief's house but were quickly arrested after fleeing the scene.

Police received a call to respond to the residential burglary in the 2000 block of Holly Glade Lane earlier this week. Cops arrived at the residence quickly and found the back door of the home broken and numerous fencing panels broken at the rear of the residence.

However, the bumbling teenagers were noticed by numerous neighbors climbing over fences near the police chiefs house, and the authorities were quickly notified and given clear descriptions of the teens.

Soon after, in another report, a neighbor also called in to police saying that they could see two suspicious men sitting in a vehicle nearby. Police quickly found and arrested the pair, who were later identified as 17 year olds, Conner Hinton and Taylor Nuttal.

The pair seemed oblivious that they had just broken into the police chief's home.

Local Police Chief, Doug Brinkley has said, "Unfortunately my house was broken into last Friday. Anybody can be a victim of a crime – even the police chief."

"I'm pretty confident it was a crime of opportunity. They had no idea I was the chief of police," Brinkley told KPRC Houston.

Here is a video news report into the incident: