Teens Force Little Girls, 10, to Fight: Adults Watch On (VIDEO)

The New York Police Department is investigating an incident after a video of two 10-year-old girls being coerced into a violent fight by older teens was posted on YouTube.

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(PHOTO:YouTube Clip)Two 10 Year-Old Girls Fight in NYC park after being egged on by teens.

Footage of the young girls fighting surfaced earlier this week on YouTube. The video begins with two young girls facing each other after apparently having a verbal disagreement. Neither girl makes a move however, until prompted by an older girl who says, "slap her."

Both 10-year-olds appear unwilling to fight one another, but teens nearby who filmed the incident urge the girls to become more aggressive.

"Slap her harder," a second female voice says, laughing as one of the 10-year-olds makes the first move. The teens urge the girls to fight harder and accuse them of "play fighting," which further angers both young girls.

As the fight between the young girls intensify, the teens in the back become more excited shouting "punch her" and "just do it." Another shouts "YEAH!" The teens also use a number of expletives and tell the girls not to stop.

At one point, one of the young girls stops and begin to cry. "Catch the cry, catch the cry" one teen tells the person taking the video.

"I'm not playing. I'm not a little girl," the 10-year-old screams in hysterics. The teens respond by laughing and mocking her, "she's not playing!"

The end of the video also reveals adults in the background who are sitting down and have apparently witnessed the entire incident without becoming involved.

Police are aware that the video was shot in a New York park although they are unsure of the exact location that the fight may have taken place. They are further investigating those involved in the video, hoping to find it's source, a Fox News report stated.

To see the fight, watch below (WARNING: Adult content, themes, and language).