Telsa Model X Unveiled: Battery-Powered Crossover SUV with Falcon-Wing Doors

Tesla Motors unveiled their new Model X, a battery-powered SUV with the space of a minivan and the performance of a sports car.

The Tesla Model X features exclusive "falcon-wing" doors and has faster acceleration that a Porsche 911, according to The Model X reportedly goes from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 4.4 seconds and will start production in 2013.

California Governor, Jerry Brown described the Model X as a rocket-ship, when introducing it at Tesla's Southern California Design Center.

Tesla began taking reservations, Friday, for a chance to own the sleek, electric-powered vehicle that has folding doors.

The falcon-wing feature was the focal point of the presentation. They fold outward then rest on the roof of the SUV, much like an extension of Lamborghini doors.

They also have a secondary motion that allow the doors to open in a way that keeps them very close to the side of the vehicle, to allow it to fit in garages.

According to CEO Elon Musk, the Tesla Model X has more space than typical gas-powered SUVs.

"Minivans and SUV have been trying for years to overcome these problems," Musk told a crowd of observers as displayed the Model X.

It has three rows of seating, fitting up to seven passengers and also has better maneuvering capabilities than a Mini Cooper, according to The Washington Post. It also has plenty of luggage room, even when the vehicle is filled with passengers. The Model X is equipped with electric all-wheel drive and a 17 inch touch screen.

According to, the Model X is a very cool crossover with the style of an electric hot-rod. They call it stylistically edgy, citing their falcon-winged doors that give the Model X the feel of a cockpit rather than an SUV.

It is estimated that the price tag of the Model X will be between $55,000 and $75,000.

Tesla's objective is to make cars that appeal to wealthy environmentalists, hard-core geeks and performance fanatics.