Teresa Giudice Will Continue To Represent Hair Care Line Amid Legal Drama

Teresa Giudice, the 41-year-old "Real Housewives Of New Jersey" star, will remain the spokeswoman of Milania hair care after her role was put into question following her indictment on fraud charges with her husband Joe Giudice.

The Giudices are defending themselves against allegations that they attempted to illegally obtain mortgages while withholding information about their income from their reality television show. While Teresa endorses haircare brand Youthful 8; Milania Collection and Fabellini wine, those involved with both of her products have spoken up amid her indictment controversy.

While Fabellini wine initially spoke about sticking by Mrs. Giudice through her legal battles, Jerel James Sabella, the owner and CEO of Youthful8, The Milania Collection, said he was initially shocked to hear about the Giudices facing charges of fraud. Sabella admitted that the company needed to figure out whether they would move forward with Giudice with the allegations brought against her.

However, the CEO recently revealed that they ultimately decided to move forward in working with Giudice.

"Teresa and I met last week in New York to discuss her future with Youthful8 – The Milania Collection hair care brand," Sabella said in a statement obtained by RadarOnline.com. "Obviously, Teresa has been in the headlines over the past few weeks due to legal issues, and I wanted to allow her some time to assess the situation and see how these issues could, or would, affect her role with the company before making any decisions."

Sabella went on to explain his reasoning for the decision to stick with Giudice as their company's spokesperson.

"We understand the serious nature of the charges," he said. "But we will leave it to the US court system to decide the outcome based on facts and not speculation … We are in the professional hair care business and Teresa, during her time with us, has professionally supported all initiatives in the past. Unless the situation changes, Teresa will continue to work with us as a spokesperson for Youthful8 – The Milania Collection."

Giudice's Fabellini wine brand previously told Radar Online that they would move forward working with her.

"She's gonna be a winner," a Fabellini distributor said.