Teri Hatcher Shockingly Short Hair, Cut for New Role?

Teri Hatcher debuted her new chin-length bob at The Hollywood Bowl on Friday night.

The actress is well known for her long dark hair on the television series "Desperate Housewives," but chopped her locks just as the last episode of the ABC drama aired.

Moreover, the new hairstyle boasts uneven ends that appear to have been cut with a razor. The 47-year-old actress also dons a slightly lighter hair color.

Critics believe that the drastic change in image arrived as Hatcher attempts to land new roles and move away from her character on "Desperate Housewives." The series aired its final episode last month.

On Twitter, Hatcher's fans are sounding off about her chopped hair.

"It's cute," wrote Chrissy, while Lucy wrote, "Oh Dear! The aftermath of hair extensions."

"Hope she did not pay for that haircut," posted Frank. "What a wreck."

While her new hairstyle shocked fans, many agree that her dress at The Hollywood Bowl was a hit. The actress wore a flower capped sleeve number which hosted several pastel colors paired with wedges and very minimal jewelry.

Hatcher studied acting at the American Conservatory Theater after her career as a NFL cheerleader for the San Francisco 49ers. The Golden Globe-winner is best known for her role as Susan Mayer on "Housewives," but is also known for appearing on the television series "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman."

As the show drew to a close, Hatcher faced rumors that there was a rift between herself and her "Housewives" co-stars such as Eva Longoria, Marcia Cross, Felicity Huffman, and Vanessa Williams.

It was reported that the co-stars barred Hatcher from signing the gift card along with the rest of the cast.

"The girls don't get along with Teri," a source close to the production told CeleBuzz. "So they organized this and left her out."

After working for eight years on the show, rumors indicate that Hatcher is taking some much-needed time off from acting.

Hatcher has appeared on ABC's series "Jane By Design" as a guest.

The Emmy-nominated actress has one daughter.