'Terminator' Actor Arrested: Edward Furlong Faces Third Arrest for Domestic Violence

Edward Furlong will head to court on Tuesday after being arrested three times in the past four months for domestic violence.

Furlong was ordered to appear before a judge at a Beverly Hills court on Tuesday. Over the weekend the "Terminator 2" actor was arrested for a domestic disturbance involving his girlfriend. The arrest was the actor's third over a 4-month period. He was arrested on Oct. 30 and Nov. 21 of last year; both arrests were the results of domestic violence.

Furlong's ex-wife has stated in the past, according to former court records, that her ex-husband is unstable. She filed for divorce from the actor in 2009 following a nearly 3-year marriage. In 2010, Bella filed for a restraining order stating that Furlong made frequent drives past her home and claiming that the actor had confessed to hitting their son, Ethan Page, who was born in 2006.

In November, a judge also ordered the Furlong's visits with his son must be supervised after Bella stated that Ethan, 6, had tested positive for cocaine after spending time with his father.

Furlong has had substance abuse problems in the past and admitted in 2006 that he had been an addict in the past.

"Lots of money and lots of free coke will turn anybody into a cokehead," he told People magazine. "I was a heroin and cocaine addict. It was really scary."

Furlong had previously stated that it was his then-wife who had helped to recover.

"The fact is that I'm holding him in my arms and I'm happy," Furlong said at the time, of his newborn son. "I've still got a roof over my head and I have a beautiful wife, a beautiful son, two cars. I think I appreciate what I have even more because I almost lost everything."