Terrell Owens and Rachel Snider Divorce News: Did Estranged Wife Attempt Suicide?

Terrell Owens' estranged wife may have attempted suicide after news surfaced about the pair's alleged split only two weeks after they were married.

(Photograph: Courtesy of Di Moda Public Relations)Terrell Owens says faith will help him transition out of the NFL, where he serves as a free agent veteran WR.

Rachel Snider, a 33-year-old former postal worker, reportedly married Owens, 40, in a secret ceremony, according to TMZ. However, the publication reported that Snider was allegedly hospitalized recently in what seemed to be a suicide attempt after she tweeted about suffering from a "broken heart."

Snider did not confirm the reports and instead chastised those speculating about her situation.

"Ppl should not speak on things they do not know about ! It's unfortunate, and sad," she tweeted.

Although Snider previously told TMZ that she felt she was used so that Owens could obtain a $2 million home loan in California, she seemed to change her approach when tweeting about her reported estranged husband recently.

"Sometimes good things fall apart.. So better things can fall together. I know ppl laff & think it's a joke about our separation.But tHis was our first marriage for both. & I wud hve done anything to work it out (SIC)," Snider tweeted recently. "I love Terrell always and forever. He is a wonderful, athlete, father, friend and brother in Christ. I will nvr regret saying I do."

She went on to reveal why she refused to speak negatively about him publicly.

"I will not bash him on twitter or any other forum," Snider tweeted. "He has children and family. What needs to be said, will be said in court."

Despite the speculation surrounding he and Snider, Owens said he is keeping a smile on his face.

"I have to put on a good smile and keep my head up … I can't worry about what everybody else thinks or any allegations," the former NFL star told Hip Hollywood recently.