Terrell Owens Appearing on 'Dr. Phil' to Resolve Issues With Children's Mothers?

Terrell Owens, 38-year-old IFL wide receiver who is trying to make his way back into the NFL, will reportedly appear on the "Dr. Phil" show with Dr. Phil McGraw in the near future.

Owens, who last played in the NFL for the Cincinnati Bengals in 2010, has been just as vocal about attempting a return to the league as the mothers of his children have been about needing the wideout to spend time and money on his children. Owens will reportedly appear on "Dr. Phil" in the next two weeks in order to work out the issues with the mothers of his children.

The Urban Daily reported that Owens will speak about his relationships with the women and try to overcome his past with them for the sake of his children. Last year, Owens was in a high-profile dispute with the mothers of his children that threatened his freedom.

Owens, the father of four children by four different women, was reportedly being sued by three of them for $35,000 in child support last November. He has made headlines in the past for failure to make timely child support payments, including another incident that occurred in November in which he narrowly avoided jail time.

Owens, who currently plays for the IFL's Allen Wranglers in Allen, Texas, was served separate court papers by three women he shared children with – Melanie Paige Smith, Samelia Millier, and Kimberly Floyd. However, the receiver publicly admitted he was encountering financial issues.

A representative for Owens said the fallen football star has attempted to live by the court mandate and cares for his kids. However, it has put him in a financial dilemma.

"He has tried to keep paying all of these mothers what they were used to year after year, basically putting himself into a financial crisis," the representative said in a TMZ report last year. "He has always paid his child support payments and loves his kids."

Despite the negative headlines concerning Owens' career and family issues, the NFL veteran has been vocal about leaning on his Christian faith to overcome the tough times. Recently, Owens received a career blessing from Derrick L Young, archbishop and patriarch of Abundant Life International Fellowship Inc., a part of the Pentecostal Holiness denomination.

"I declare and decree in the name of Jesus that whatever you do in your life from this minute forward is going to be fruitful," Young tweeted to Owens.

Although the wideout has yet to be picked up by an NFL team, he seemed to be in good spirits when news broke about his appearance on "Dr. Phil."

"God is awesome," Owens re-tweeted recently before wishing his Twitter followers a blessed day.