Terrell Owens Divorce News Emerges Just Two Weeks After Marriage

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(Photograph: Courtesy of Di Moda Public Relations)Terrell Owens says faith will help him transition out of the NFL, where he serves as a free agent veteran WR.

Terrell Owens, the former NFL star, is being accused of marrying a woman to obtain a home loan. The accusations have been made after the woman he married has demanded a divorce only two weeks after the pair were married.

Rachel Snider, a 33-year-old Texas postal worker, reportedly married Owens, 39, in a secret ceremony, according to TMZ. However, Snider is now telling the publication that she now plans on divorcing Owens two weeks after they were married and feels she was used so that he could obtain a $2 million home loan in California.

"I felt in love … and now I feel betrayed and heartbroken. I really valued his love and friendship for 5 years," Snider told TMZ. "Out of the love in my heart, I tried to help him. We had a secret relationship for 5 years and I married him for love."

Although Owens has yet to comment on the alleged marriage and accusations from Snider, he has been open about having emotional issues when speaking to spiritual counselor Iyanla Vanzant last year. Vanzant, the host of the OWN Network's "Iyanla Fix My Life" where Owens appeared, helped the former NFL star realize that his talent has overshadowed his emotional well being.

"You've become a victim of your talent. People never stopped to ask you, 'Terrell Owens, how you be? How you be,'" Vanzant told Owens. "You can run fast but how's your heart? You can catch a ball but how's your soul?"

Owens, 39, took to his Twitter to share Vanzant's prayer for him last year.

"My prayer is that TO's story will teach us not to be so quick to judge and condemn w/o knowing the whole story," Vanzant tweeted to a fan in a message that Owens reposted.

Instead of focusing on the negative media reports, the football player reposted a spiritual prophecy that Reverend Derrick L. Young of Abundant Life International Fellowship Inc. shared with him on Twitter.

"@terrellowens #Prophecy: #God just said, 'I am about to turn your setback into a set up!' #Jesus," the message reposted by Owens reads.