Terrell Owens Feels Like He's in Hell

Former NFL receiver and reality television star Terrell Owens seems to be in low spirits these days as he recently told ABC news that he feels like he is in Hell.

Susanna Kim, a reporter who recently wrote an article on the status of Owens opened up with this passage.

"Terrell Owens, the former NFL star receiver who has signed to play for and co-own an indoor football team, is friendless and nearly broke, he told GQ magazine. "I'm in hell," Owens, 38, said he tells people who ask about his well-being.

She also points out Owens telling the publication "I don't have no friends, I don't want no friends. That's how I feel."

Looking at the behavior of Owens who was once captured on the field during a Dallas Cowboys game screaming, "I love me some me!" it can be understood why the athlete is not everyone's favorite person."

Owens was one of the most despised players one the game by teams he did not play for as well as teams that he did play for. Some feel acted selfish, self centered and was a Prima Donna.

According to Owens, a lot of the problems he currently has stem from the people he has hired. He feels that he's trusted too many people and appointed the wrong ones to handle his finances. He also blames the media for not focusing on the positive changes he made in his life.

He also is entangled in child support disputes with four separate women. The former NFL star reportedly pays out over $40,000 a month for all four of his children. He does keep in contact with his children, but no often.

Owens played for various teams in the NFL including the Cincinnati Bengals who did not resign him in 2011. He is set to begin playing for IFL team the Allen Wranglers, according to his Twitter post made on Jan. 18.