Terrell Owens in 911 Hospital Emergency - 'I'm on God's Time'

Terrell Owens was admitted to hospital after an emergency 911 call was made last Thursday, according to reports.

The former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver was rushed out of a Los Angeles apartment in which he was staying, according to TMZ. Although officials involved have yet to comment on the matter, the news source reported that the now free agent wide receiver has since been released.

The incident took place one day after Owens made a public announcement about his return to football after months of attempting to recover from a knee surgery during the offseason.

“Obviously everybody has been wondering what’s been going on with the knee, so the knee is doing great,” said Owens in his televised ESPN interview last Wednesday.

However, Owens admitted that his injuries were a major obstacle in his career.

“I've sustained a meniscus injury, shortly after that I sustained an ACL injury, so really just going through that and going through some personal issues, personal problems within myself,” Owens told ESPN.

Owens has been publicly dealing with his rehabilitation and flew to Korea in September to receive stem cell treatment to aid the process. However, despite his efforts to recover and sign with a new team, some feel 37-year-old, with his health issues, will have a difficult time returning to the NFL.

"Well, I can say this. When I was a general manager, I had the opportunity to sign him. I didn't sign him. I wouldn't sign him today,” Charley Casserly said of Owens.

However, it seems the wide receiver is willing to lean on his faith when dealing with his return to football with a new contract.

“I'm on God's time,” Owens tweeted last Tuesday. “When he wants me ready then the world will know! God bless.”