Terrell Owens Suicidal?: 911 Call Hints to Attempted Pill Overdose

Terrell Owens is the center of attention due to a highly publicized workout failing to draw any NFL scouts; however, a 911 call made earlier this month revealed that he may have bigger problems.

The 911 call stemmed from an emergency room visit that featured Owens’ assistant calling the emergency service after the 37-year-old wide receiver took four prescription pills.

“My boss, he took four prescription pain pills,” said Owens’ assistant to the 911 operator. “I just don't know how many he's taken but he took them about 30 to 45 minutes ago.”

The operator inquired about the free-agent's alertness after taking the prescription pills.

“When you talk to him he understands what we're saying,” the unnamed assistant said, after claiming Owens was tired and had trouble breathing. “He didn't want us to call.”

The assistant insinuated on the phone that Owens’ pill count should have been monitored after he was prescribed drugs for a knee injury.

"I knew I should have counted these,” the assistant told the 911 operator. “This is the bottle that I notice the most (pills) missing out of. These are all prescription.”

When asked if she believed the incident was a suicide attempt, Owens’ assistant said: “Yes, I believe so."

The incident took place one day after Owens made a public announcement about his return to football after months of attempting to recover from a knee surgery during the offseason.

In an interview with ESPN, Owens admitted that he was undergoing issues both on and off the field.

“I've sustained a meniscus injury, shortly after that I sustained an ACL injury, so really just going through that and going through some personal issues, personal problems within myself,” said Owens to ESPN.