Terrence Howard Accused of Beating Ex-Wife Michelle Ghent; Actor Says She Pepper-Sprayed Him

Terrence Howard was accused of beating his ex-wife in a dispute recently in Costa Rica, according to reports. However, the actor claims that his former wife, Michelle Ghent, threatened his family and maced him, and that he also never laid a hand on her.

Terrence Howard and Michelle Ghent who divorced the actor back in May, had reportedly come together for a vacation in Costa Rica when an argument broke out. From there, reports vary as to what exactly happened. Ghent says that Howard beat her up. She is also pursuing a restraining order against him in court Tuesday, according to TMZ.

Howard, though, said his ex-wife made up the accusations to hide her own actions. During the course of a "normal married fight," he said she threatened to kill his family, then pepper-sprayed him as he retreated. Howard also plans to give the judge in court text messages proving his wife's anger at him last May.

"I would start hiding if I were you," reads one alleged message, according to TMZ. "Be careful when u leave your place. U should move," says another.

"I know where u and ur family live. Watch yourself," reads another. "You need to be put down once and for all. I will not stop until all knows who u are."

Howard also said that Ghent attempted suicide and was hospitalized with paranoia in a police report.

Ghent's allegations go back to January of 2010, just days after they were married. She claimed the "Iron Man" actor "slugged me across my face and neck," and from there, it only got worse. Howard allegedly smacked her hard enough to chip her tooth, threw her down, and threatened her life. He denies the allegations.

 Ghent was given a restraining order in Dec. of 2011 and filed for divorce in February of that year.