Texas A&M Shooting Suspect in Custody; Multiple Casualties Reported

College Station Shootout Occurred Near Kyle Field Football Stadium; Police Officers Among Injured

Multiple people were injured Monday afternoon when a gunman opened fire outside Texas A&M University in College Station, near Houston.

Local media reports that a number of victims, both civilians and police officers, were injured in the shootout, and a potential suspect has been taken into custody.

Rhonda Seaton of the College Station Police Department told CNN that the shooting occurred about one block from the campus at the college's football stadium, Kyle Field. Seaton could not confirm how many people were shot and the status of their condition.

A "code maroon" warning was issued by the campus police through the university website at 12:29 p.m. local time Monday, and students were warned to avoid the area of the 200 block on Fidelity Drive.

Although police have not confirmed any fatalities, local radio station KBTX in College Station reported that "multiple casualties are involved, but there is no confirmation yet on the identity of any, or whether or not any are members of local law enforcement agencies."

Additionally, it was broadcast over the Brazos County Area Fire and EMS Live Audio Feed that multiple officers had been shot, and all patients were in transport to the hospital.

At around 3 p.m. ET, police officers speaking back and forth on the live audio feed were heard reporting that the situation at the scene of the shooting was "under control."

As news of the shooting spread through the media, several people took to Twitter to express their grief and draw comparisons to the July 21 Aurora, Colo., shooting in which alleged gunman James Holmes opened fire on a full movie theater, killing 12 people.

"More senseless gun violence in USA…Today's shooting at Texas A&M University evidences, yet again, the need to get guns off the streets," tweeted Eva Golinger.

"Reports of a shooting near Texas A&M University coming in. Obvious proof that more gun ownership means less violence," tweeted Gabe Ortiz, presumably in a sarcastic tone.

Texas A&M University is located in College Station, about 90 miles northwest of Houston.