Texas Family Credits God for House Fire Survival

A family in Beaumont, Texas, was recently devastated by a fire that completely destroyed their home.

The family is still thankful, however, explaining that their lives were saved by the grace of God.

"It was amazing," explained wife Pam Ervin, one of the survivors of last weekend's fire, to KFDM News. "I know God had His hand on all of it."

On Saturday morning, a blaze engulfed the house of the Texas family while the four residents – three who have hearing disabilities – slept through the danger.

Luckily they are still alive due to several coincidences and help from their neighbors.

"It could have been a lot worse," said husband Jim Ervin to KFDM News, "but God took care of a lot of things."

The first mystery was when one of the teens in the house fell asleep in the sun room, the exact location where the inferno began. He was not found in the sun room, however, even though he does not remember moving.

A set of other coincidences helped in the scenario as well.

"Him being in another part of the house and not knowing how he got there, him needing his cell phone to call someone he probably didn't need to talk to at two in the morning, us happening to be on the couch up too late anyway, all these things is no coincidence," said friend and neighbor Hunter Ham to KFDM News. "We didn't have control."

The group is also thankful to the several courageous neighbors who risked their lives and ran into the house to look for people still caught in the blaze. They were a great blessing, according to the family.

The fire, which was thought to be electrical, completely consumed the home, and the family is currently being aided by the Red Cross.

They are looking for a rental location until they can rebuild a new home.