Texas Gov. Signs Abortion Bill at Christian School

The governor of Texas signed a bill restricting abortions yesterday before a crowd of 1,000 gathered at an evangelical school gymnasium

The governor of Texas signed a bill restricting abortions and added his backing to a measure barring same-sex marriage at a ceremony held yesterday in an evangelical school gymnasium.

The legislation, which Gov. Rick Perry signed before a crowd of 1,000 at Calvary Christian Academy in Fort Worth, Tx., requires girls under the age of 18 to receive their parents' consent before having an abortion and also imposes more limits on late-term abortions.

"For too long, a blind eye has been turned to the rights of our most vulnerable human beings - that's the unborn in our society," Perry said, according to the Associated Press.

While Texas already had a parental notification bill that was approved in 1999, the new measure requires a parent to provide written consent for unmarried girls under 18. The bill also restricts doctors from performing abortions on women who have carried a child for more than 26 weeks unless having the baby would jeopardize the woman's life or the baby has serious brain damage.

In addition to the legislation on abortion, Perry also signed a resolution at yesterday's gathering to amend the Texas Constitution by banning same-sex marriages. However, that signature was only ceremonial since voters must approve the ban in November.

According to AP, the ceremony brought out about 350 protesters, including opponents of the ban on same-sex marriage and others who were protesting the use of church property for the bill signing.

Calvary Christian Academy, which was founded in 1979, is led by Sue Tidwell and receives leadership and guidance from Pastor Bob Nichols - founder and pastor of Calvary Cathedral International, located one mile north of downtown Fort Worth.