Texas Students Anti-Gun Posters: Professor Forced Class to Protest Laws

A public university teacher in Texas is under investigation after a complaint by her students was filed that stated they were forced to create anti-gun posters in response to several bills currently in the state's legislature.

Betty Stewart, provost and vice-president for academic affairs at Midwestern State, confirmed that Jennifer Yucas is under investigation following a student complaint over a class assignment. Students were required to create anti-gun posters in her graphic design course.

Stewart expressed understanding towards the seriousness of the matter, but added that the teacher will still be able to teach while the investigation is ongoing.

"It is a serious offense," Stewart said in a statement. "My first step is to speak with students directly after reading the report that I received. Then I will speak with the professor."

The complaint was filed by several students in the class and detailed the nature of their assignment as well as the justification for having students produce political propaganda.

"On Monday, April 1, around 7 PM (class was 5:30 - 8:20), Jennifer Yucus, Assistant Professor of Graphic Art/Design, compelled students from her Computers For Artists class to advocate in favor of a political petition opposing firearms on campus, in opposition to a pair of bills currently before the Texas legislature, using personal art materials and MSU resources," reads the complaint obtained by Campus Reform.

"Several of my classmates were uncomfortable with the assignment and either quietly or openly expressed this," it continues. "Professor Yucus asked students to rationalize objections by thinking of it as a job from an employer (or words to that effect)."

In addition to the poster being displayed in the school's hallways, photos of the students making the posters were allegedly uploaded to an anti-gun Facebook page that was thought to have been created by the instructor. The posters also included a web address to an anti-gun petition that was also thought to have been created by the instructor as well