Thank God You're Wrong!

 A major creationist organization has posted billboards in New York City and San Francisco with the purpose of engaging atheists, with more to come this month.

Answers in Genesis announced Monday the posting of three billboards in the San Francisco Bay area and a "digital spectacular" sign at Times Square.

Ken Ham, president of Answers in Genesis, told The Christian Post that the decision to post the billboards came in response to atheist groups in the past erecting billboards.

"The atheists have been pretty aggressive in putting billboards up across the nation and some of the billboards have been very much focused on attacking Christianity," said Ham.

"Not just promoting their atheism, but attacking Christianity. And they put one in Times Square last Christmas that said 'Keep the Merry' with a picture of Santa Clause, 'and dump the myth' with a picture representing Christ."

Ham also told CP that "we as a ministry felt that the Bible tells us in Jude to contend for the faith and we need to be soldiers," as described in Ephesians 6.