Thanksgiving Video: The Skit Guys Burn the Turkey, Give Thanks

A Thanksgiving comedy skit that features two kitchen-challenged men called upon to prepare the family’s holiday meal, adds to a Christian entertainment ministry’s growing list of popular online videos.

During the last five years, The Skit Guys, whose comedy has been used in church sermons and Bible studies nationwide, have produced 11 Thanksgiving and Christmas videos. The two non-cooks in the video are ministry leaders and actors, Tommy Woodard and Eddie James.

James, 41, told The Christian Post that he and Woodard, 42, have been best friends since high school and were the class clowns. Then, God got a hold of their lives and gave them a purpose and direction to bless and help others in the church and beyond the church walls, James said.

The newest video, “Thanksgiving: God’s Goodness,” is about showing God’s love for us, James said.

“People are really struggling. We are told to ‘be thankful.’ There are believers and nonbelievers alike that have had a tough two years. It's easy to get stuck in a rut and look at the other side of the fence,” James explained. “We wanted to create a video of a family that had their paradigm turned upside now and their regular routine and systems was interrupted.”

The Thanksgiving video shows the woman of the house ill and alone in the bedroom, unable to control the outcome of the holiday meal.

“We've all felt forgotten by family, friends and yes, even God,” James said. “We wanted to paint a picture of what God thinks of us and how He, if we are aware of it, shows His blessings to us.”

James describes humor as an integral part of the duo’s friendship and ministry.

“When we were in drama class together in high school we were always creating characters. We were always watching television shows that made us laugh – Wonder Years, Mork and Mindy, Moonlighting, Cosby Show – and we were moved by John Hughes movies for our generation that seemed to be funny and then there was always this ‘emotional dip’ that would make you think about a certain area of one's life or world,” he said.

“We believe humor breaks down walls for truth to enter. If you can make them laugh, it's proven they will listen to you,” James said. “We try to use the heart and the humor in tandem to help people who may otherwise be bored of sermons or burnt out on religion or just need a fresh way of seeing God’s word.”

He explained that humor may allow God’s truth to enter into people’s hearts and souls after they've had a good laugh.

“When we travel and do comedy events we have so many people with tears in their eyes and a smile on their face and they usually say with all sincerity, ‘I needed to laugh,’” he said. “Their eyes say so much of the struggles they've been through. People need hope more than ever. I think that's what our videos are doing for believers and people checking out God alike.”

James said that “God’s Chisel” is the comedy team’s most viewed video. The skit is on the more serious side and is described as “When God chisels the dead weight out of our lives it can be very painful ...” The Skit Guys “give a very creative look at a typical believer having to go through the process of discipline.”

The two have been together as a team, traveling and ministering through live humor skits for 20 years. The video aspect of the ministry is five years old. Videos, blogs, and resources can be found at

The two former youth ministers say they do skits onstage, travel and create videos because “we still feel ‘called’ to preach the Good News about Christ.”

The duo hopes that those watching their videos can see God in their lives. “They can sit in front of their computer screen, in a small group, in a church service and let their defenses down and wash away all the ‘lists’ in their minds and see how God has a purpose for their lives.”