'The 100' Season 3 News, Update: New Season New Territories to Explore, Which Characters Will Return?

FACEBOOK/ The 100The CW's "The 100"

The third season of The CW's hit post-apocalyptic TV drama series "The 100" will see a much bigger world.

Show writer Aaron Ginsburg recently took to his social media to share some updates, suggesting that fans should expect to tread into a new territory.

"As is clear by Season 2, we love to expand our world in the show. What started out as the Dropship has grown to include Mount Weather, Camp Jaha, Tondc (#ripTondc), the Desert, and Finn's secret bunker," Ginsburg's Twitter post on Monday reads. "I think it's safe to say that Season 3 will expand the world even more. Prepare to be amazed..."

Aside from the promised new land, followers were left wondering when the show's season ender mentioned the Grounder's capital city named Polis.

When series creator Jason Rothenberg was asked on Twitter if this locale is part of Annapolis, he answered: "No. No one will figure this one out."

Meanwhile, the publication sounded off their speculations as to which minor characters will likely to return in the next season. The mentioned names include: Echo (Tasya Teles) of the Ice Nation, Mel (Tanaya Beatty), a Factory Station survivor; Monroe (Katie Stuart) one of the original 100, and a member of the Boat Clan, Luna.

"The 100" season renewal was announced during the network's platform at the Television Critics Association's winter press tour earlier this year.

The scripted program is expected to return to the small screen sometime this fall.