The 4 Most Exciting New Features of the 'God of War' PS4 Game

The game will be officially released on April 20

The time for the new "God of War" game's official arrival is now less than a week away, and many fans cannot wait to finally reunite with Kratos.

Of course, with the series venturing forth into the current generation, it should probably come as no surprise that there are big changes that have been implemented.

With the game's official release nearly here, now is as good a time to take stock of the new features that are designed to make Kratos' transition from the last generation to the current generation a smooth one.

1. The Length of the Game

PlayStation official websiteThere will be plenty of things to do inside the new game

Starting off with something that players may not be able to appreciate right away, the upcoming game is expected to be the longest entry in the series in terms of playtime.

Whereas the previous installments of the series take somewhere around six to 12 hours to finish and even completionist playthroughs still fall well short of 20 hours, fans may be surprised by just how much time it may take to finish Kratos' latest journey.

Speaking previously to the "Kinda Funny Gamecast," director Cory Barlog revealed that one of the systems designers who embarked on a 100 percent playthrough needed to sink around 43 hours into the game in order to accomplish the feat.

However, gamers should keep in mind that the individual who attempted that playthrough was already very knowledgeable about the game, so 43 hours may be on the low end of how much time is needed to go through everything this latest installment in the "God of War" series has to offer.

2. The Norse Mythology-inspired Settings

PlayStation official websiteNew enemies are expected to be introduced along with the new setting

The in-game world set to be featured in the new "God of War" will be different mainly because it takes inspiration from Norse mythology as opposed to Greek.

Because of this change, the general look of the world is unlike anything that was seen previously in the series, with the game's official listing noting that the setting appears more like "a darker, more elemental world."

It's not just the look of the in-game world that has changed as new enemies are set to be introduced together with the Norse mythology-inspired locations, and fans can get excited about them as well.

3. Kratos uses an axe now

YouTube/PlayStationKratos prepares to attack using the Leviathan Axe

It's hard to imagine Kratos without his familiar chained blades, but fans are getting something with plenty of potential to become another iconic weapon in the form of the new Leviathan Axe.

Lead gameplay designer Jason McDonald has already talked about the things that make the Leviathan Axe so special during an earlier interview with Game Informer.

Within a matter of days, fans will be able to see just how deadly the Leviathan Axe is for themselves.

1. Kratos is accompanied by his son Atreus

PlayStation official websiteKratos and Atreus will be working together a lot inside the new game

Back when the new "God of War" PS4 game was officially announced in 2016, there were fans concerned over the fact that Kratos will be joined by his son.

Some fans saw it is an indicator that the game would be one long escort mission and that the young boy named Atreus would only distract from the action taking place onscreen.

All throughout the development process, developers have assured fans that Atreus will be a welcome addition to the game as opposed to an annoying companion.

He's going to be helpful in combat and exploration and will also play a huge role in the story.

IGN's Jonathon Dornbus even noted in the website's review of the game that the relationship between Kratos and Atreus and how it changes throughout the game is something truly compelling.

Not only is Atreus not expected to take away from the excitement of the game, his introduction may even serve to bring new life to his father Kratos and to the series as a whole.

Fans will be able to check out the many new features of the "God of War" PS4 game as soon as it is released on April 20.