'The Amazing Spider-Man' Android OS Game Review

Gameloft recently released the new "The Amazing Spider-Man" game for Android devices that is currently available in the Google Play store for $6.99.

The title is loosely based off of the summer blockbuster with the same name and allows Android users to explore New York City on their smartphones with the great powers of Spider-Man.

The Christian Post had an opportunity to play through some of the game and here is what we thought about it.


"The Amazing Spider-Man" plays like a game that would be released on the PS2 and Xbox. It puts the player in the shoes of Spider-Man and allows them to explore a 3D map of New York City in a free roaming fashion similar to Grand Theft Auto 3, Spider-Man 2, and Ultimate Spider-Man. The controls are quite simple as the hero's movements are controlled by a touch screen joystick on the left side of the screen, while punching, shooting webs, jumping and slinging are controlled by buttons on the right side.

Though the game runs quite smoothly, there are minor issues with the joystick as it sometimes responds slowly. This can be frustrating when Spider-Man is surrounded by enemies and needs to turn to fight off one that is inflicting the most damage.

Other than that, the game allows players to level up Spider-Man after completing missions, giving him new abilities and making his webbing and attacks that much stronger. Players also can also explore the map of NYC and find different missions and side quests to get involved in. Spider-Man can scale walls and perform many impressive tasks such as trapping foes in his web, and zipping himself onto buildings and street lights.


Two of Gameloft's recent releases feature stunning graphics, and this Spider-Man title is one of them. "The Amazing Spider-Man" for Android OS is graphically on par with most of the memorable Spider-Man titles from the PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube era. We did not get the chance to play the game on an HD device, but it still looks phenomenal on a Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket. Graphics are definitely one of the game's selling points and the 3D mapping is bright and clear, showing little to no graininess.


"The Amazing Spider-Man" does not feature the real actors from the movie. Instead, different voice actors were used who do a decent job at portraying the characters in the game. Its music is similar to the tunes that play through older Spider-Man titles. The game does not feature anything innovative in terms of sound, and mostly sticks to what has worked in the past.

As with most superhero-based titles, the goons or street criminals roaming NYC repeat the same words and this can become irritating. However, this does little to take away from the quality of the game. Spider-Man's action sound effects are also done well.

Lasting Appeal

"The Amazing Spider-Man" offers the player plenty of tasks to keep them occupied. The game is worth its price and is great for anyone looking for a little more entertainment on their mobile devices. It's not a title that you can wrap up in one sitting and the fact that it lets you improve Spidey's skills as you play through it also gives it more lasting power.


Buy it!