'The American Bible Challenge' New Game Show Coming to GSN

Get your Bibles ready for a new game show that is set to debut in August and is being described as the ultimate Bible quiz show.

The new game show, The American Bible Challenge, is a new 1-hour game show that will test contestant's knowledge of the Bible that is relevant to current pop culture.

The American Bible Challenge was created by executive producer Michael Davies of Embassy Row who wanted to see Americas passion for knowledge of the Bible portrayed on television.

The show is slated to be hosted by comedian and television personality Jeff Foxworthy and is scheduled to debut on August 23, at 8 p.m. Network officials stated that the new show will air in front of a new hour-long cooking competition show, Beat The Chefs, at 9 p.m. which will be hosted by Matt Rogers and is described as "everyday people who love to cook set out to prove that their family recipes are worth prize money and bragging rights."

Both of the new shows will air on the Game Show Network, which is trying to maintain television game show relevancy during an age where more and more people or going online for their entertainment needs.

GSN officials also explained that the new Bible-friendly show and the cooking competition venture were produced in an effort to revitalize the game show genre as well as to broaden the channel's brand.

Both of the shows are categorized in the "Shiny Floor Game" genre, which, according to GSN officials, is a show with a contemporary studio based program that focuses on themes prevalent in pop culture.

Foxworthy has plenty of experience when it comes to hosting shows. Most recently Foxworthy was host of Fox's "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader," and he is also a part of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.