The Bachelor 2013 Recap and Spoilers: 'Women Tell All' Contestants Return

Sean Lowe has narrowed his search for love down to just two women, but on Monday night he faced the 23 other women that he sent home earlier this season in an intriguing and dramatic episode of the hit ABC series.

In this special edition, "The Bachelor" reached an unprecedented level of drama and even some confrontation.

At the beginning of season 17, Lowe was introduced to 25 eligible bachelorettes. Within the first episode the former fitness model had already eliminated seven ladies.

As the weeks went by, more and Lowe dismissed more women during the Rose Ceremonies, but on Monday, each one returned to ABC for the "Tell All."

Among the most notable of the returnees on Monday were Tierra, Sarah, Desiree, and Ashlee.

The first uncomfortable moment on Monday's episode had to do with Tierra. Many of the former contestants expressed regret and anger, however, every woman agreed on a common enemy in the 24-year-old contestant.

"I am shocked that you're saying the things you're saying and being sweet and innocent- you're delusional," one past contestant alleged of Tierra.

Another bachelorette accused Tierra of simply putting on an act for the show, and for Lowe.

"I was friendly," defended Tierra. "It's not like I walked around the house and I was this complete devil, it wasn't that way."

The Las Vegas native also denied that she had ever behaved maliciously toward other contestants, but did admit that she had no intentions to make friends on the show.

Next, in a painful recollection, Sarah attributed her tear-filled elimination to her handicap. The 26-year-old bachelorette is missing one arm from the elbow down.

"It's always the same," explained the Los Angeles native of her misfortunes with love. "I think I'm funny and I think I'm smart and great, so I don't understand, I don't get it. I don't want to say it, but it must be by arm."

"The Bachelor" host warmly reassured Sarah, stating that viewers are better off after getting to know her and wished the advertising exec the best of luck.

Desiree was up next, and the 26-year-old explained her reaction to her elimination.

"I thought he was making the biggest mistake of his life," Desiree recalled of her dismissal in week eight. "I was falling in love. He had all the qualities I wanted in a husband."

Lastly, ahead of Lowe's appearance on Monday, Ashlee lashed out on the bachelor. The 32-year-old bachelor was just eliminated last week during the Fantasy Suites episode, and she referred to Lowe as a "frat boy" who "wasn't who [she] thought he was."

"I felt dishonored by you, how could you have thrown me out like that," Ashlee asked a speechless Lowe.

The "Tell All" episodes also offered funny bloopers taken from the taping of the show.

"The Bachelor" three-hour season finale where Lowe will choose between Catherine and Lindsay will air on ABC next week. The bachelor will not only choose which woman, but viewers will find out if he is going to propose.

Regardless of whom he chooses, Lowe has stated that he only wants to find true love.

"I want to find my wife here more than anything, but I don't know if I have the words, I don't know if I have the courage," said Lowe, according to E! News. "I mean it kills me inside."