'The Bachelor' Sneak Peek: Courtney Robertson Has Explaining to Do (VIDEO)

The ladies are ready to "tell all" on tonight's special episode of ABC's "The Bachelor."

Courtney Robertson has a lot to tell and deal with as former contestants return to confront one another, and Ben, during tonight's episode. One can see the animosity felt among the women as they see each other for the first time since being eliminated. Perhaps the most anticipated confrontation takes place between Blakeley Shea and Robertson.

"I just wish you would retract all the things you said about me," Shea told Robertson. "Courtney, I'm trying to be nice to you and you're not even looking at me. You said I was a stripper on national television and it hurt my feelings," she explained.

While Robertson looks away and tears fill her eyes, she finally addresses Shea. "I'm sorry. I take it all back," she says. That's it: seven little words that may, or may not be sincere.

Robertson has become the villainess of the season, repeatedly telling viewers that it's not Ben she's after but rather the thrill of winning the game. Earlier this month it was revealed that Robertson had special nicknames for her fellow contestants: "Horsey" for Lindzi Cox; "Fatty" for Nicki Sterling and "the Kid" for Kacie Boguskie.

It's amazed some that Robertson has made it this far in the game, though rumors have leaked that she actually takes home the prize: the final rose and engagement to bachelor Ben. Several of the women have warned Ben about Robertson's behavior and attitude, but he has not been discouraged from giving Robertson another rose.

Next week's season finale will reveal to the world who Ben chose. It is a face-off between Robertson and Lindzi Cox on Sun., March 11. Ben will be forced to make his choice between the two; it has not been leaked yet whether he is actually engaged to one of the two ladies.


Watch a sneak peek of tonight's episode here: