'The Bachelorette' Meets Her Suitors, Sends Home 'Fantasy Suite' Man (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Twitter)Newest "Bachelorette" star Desiree Hartsock

"The Bachelorette" Desiree Hartsock met 25 potential suitors during last night's season premiere, and none of the men wasted any time trying to win over Hartsock. The men showed up in style, with many pulling out all the stops to make a favorable impression on the latest bachelorette, but at the end of the night, only 19 men were left.

Bachelors included Bryden, an Iraq war veteran who described himself as "loyal and sensitive." Drew and Brandon both mentioned their childhood experiences and explained that those traumatic experiences were the reason they were ready to find love and stability with Desiree. Perhaps one of the most memorable entries was made by Ben, who introduced his son Brody to Desiree, completely "melting" her heart.

The men then continued to fight for Desiree's attention, pulling her from one conversation to another. It was obvious that they were focused on winning a coveted rose, which Desiree was allowed to hand out at any point in the evening. Desiree "connected" with Ben right away and talked with him at length about their families before awarding him the first rose of the evening. The remaining men became extremely nervous and agitated when she came in to pick up the rose.

"He's husband material," Desiree told the camera.

"It's so cute the way that they're all trying to get my attention," she later added.

It was clear that Desiree was enjoying soaking in all the attention from the remaining 24 suitors. Yet a cannonball into the pool couldn't win one of the men Desiree's attention, as another man stole her away and earned a rose. Desiree did decide to reward the man for jumping into the pool and daring to be different.

Bryden spoke of his experience working with a 10-year-old boy in Iraq, and Desiree immediately went for a rose. Later on, Jonathan asked Desiree up to the Fantasy Suite, which she did not go for at all. She said that she would sit outside and talk with him, and he pressed his case to go to the suite.

"There's something that, I don't know," Desiree said about Jonathan. She went back to the house to meet the rest of the men, while Jonathan went back to the Fantasy Suite and pouted.

"My mom says I'm pretty good looking, and my love tank has not been emptied for years. It's just been steadily building," Jonathan told the camera. He then went back for a third attempt with Desiree.

"He has the wrong idea of who I am," Desiree said before stopping him.

"Actually, we're not going anywhere. You're making me feel very uncomfortable, bringing up the Fantasy Suite and going to private places. I'm not going to wait for the rose ceremony, and I'm going to ask you to leave right now," she said.

At the end of the night, 19 men were left to compete for Desiree's affection, and with the men she selected, it will definitely not be a boring season.

Watch a preview of the new season here: