'The Batman' 2018 Delayed; Another DC Movie to Take Its Place

(Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures)Ben Affleck as Batman in "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice"

Warner Bros. Pictures is looking to fill the slot for "The Batman" movie with another DC Comics adaptation as the Ben Affleck-starrer has been delayed.

This was revealed by Variety reporter Justin Kroll, who took to Twitter to reveal that the studio already has several movies in mind.

"With Batman likely shooting in 2018, WB still would like one more DC property to shoot this year other than Aquaman," the correspondent explained.

"The [five] films being considered are [Gotham City Sirens], Flash, Lantern, [Suicide Squad 2] and Dark Universe. That said if scripts aren't ready to go, studio is content just shooting Aquaman this year till films are ready to go," he went on to say.

Director Matt Reeves will not be able to work on "The Batman" just yet as he is currently busy with the production of his movie, "War for the Planet of the Apes," set for release this July.

Now, the film is set to start production in 2018 instead of releasing during that time. Reeves was only brought on board the project last month after Affleck stepped down as director.

As to which movie could take the place of "The Batman" in the schedule, Movie Web says that the "Flash" film, which is currently slated for March 2018, is unlikely to be that film since there is still a lot of work that needs to be done.

The search for the director is still ongoing after Rick Famuyiwa left the project. The script is also getting a page-one rewrite. As for Ezra Miller, who plays Barry Allen, the actor is busy with "Fantastic Beasts 2" to film in the months to come.

"Gotham City Sirens" is more likely to fill the gap left by "The Batman" with David Ayer set to direct and filming expected to be pushed this year.

At the moment, however, there is no word as to which film Warner Bros. is thinking of moving up so fans will just have to wait for now.