The Bible That Went to the Moon

 The "lunar Bible" taken to the moon in the 1970's was sold at a Dallas auction this week for $15,000 above its estimated auction price, rounding out at $75,000.

The postage stamp-sized Bible sold at an auction for space memorabilia in Dallas, Texas, on Wednesday. The relic was estimated to fetch upwards of $60,000. The "Microform Holy Bible," which can be read using a microscope, traveled around the moon on the Apollo 13 trip in 1970, and landed on the moon with Astronaut Edgar Mitchell in 1971 as part of the Apollo 14 voyage.

"This tiny microform contains the complete Bible, all 1,245 pages of the King James Bible, both Old and New Testaments," Michael Riley, senior historian for Heritage Auctions, the group that organized Wednesday's space-themed auction, said in a press release.