'The Big Bang Theory' Season 7 Spoilers: Raj and Lucy Reuniting?

Tonight's all new episode of Fox's hit comedy "The Big Bang Theory" will see a familiar face return. Raj's ex-girlfriend Lucy is returning. To find out what the reunion between Raj and Lucy will be like read on, but be cautious of spoilers.

Kunal Nayyar, who plays Raj, explained to TV Guide that the reunion is far from amicable. Raj's friends are nearby and they are on his side. Penny in particular stands up to Lucy.

"She lets Lucy know how she feels, for better or for worse. She gives her a piece of her mind. Amy and and Bernadette are there too, and they stand up for Raj. That's how close this group is. They let her know it's not OK what she did to Raj," the actor said.

But does Raj feel the same way as Penny and the other girls? According to Nayyar, not exactly.

"He obviously wants to get back together. It was the first time he was in a relationship with someone he really cared for and looked out for as opposed to vice versa. And you could tell at the end of Season 6, he was in pain. And he's still in pain. He's just happy if he has any contact with her at all. I don't think that he's thinking that deeply or clearly. It's more, 'How can I talk to her again?'" Nayyar said.

He went on to explain Raj's thoughts and feelings which drive his love life.

"Nothing in Raj's life ever goes well when it comes to love, whether he can talk to them or not!" Nayyar says. "He's just been able to talk to women without alcohol, so you can't imagine that he's polished. He's more clueless than anything else. With Penny and the girls, he's obviously very comfortable, but I think he has this false sense of bravado when it comes to dating. And he's still hung up on Lucy."

"The Big Bang Theory" airs on CBS Thursdays at 8/7c.