'The Blacklist' Season 2 Spoilers: New Female Antagonist to Join the Cast; Is Red Agent Moore's Father?

Youtube/fileJames Spader as Red Reddington in The Blacklist

After the surprising death of one series regular in the first season of "The Blacklist," it has been confirmed that a new female antagonist will go toe to toe with Red Reddington (James Spader).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, former "House of Cards" actress Mozhan Marno has been cast as Tamar Katzman, a former Mossad agent and expert spy who chooses to battle Red in some capacity.

It has been formerly reported by TV Guide that Red will get the best of the Mossad agent and that eventually she will be likely to join Red's team, as there is a "vacant slot" on his team.

It can be recalled that Red does not have a lot of people on his team. The premiere season of the show introduced Dembe and Luli as part of the team. Later, Kaplan was introduced as someone who does the clean up for Red to make the trail of his "hits" disappear. In the mid season finale, Ansio Garrick, Red's former nemesis, shot Luli to death.

Meanwhile, a new promo for the show has been released by NBC. In it, the big question was "Is Red Liz's father?" The clip shows Agent Keen trying to find out if Red is indeed her father, at one point she even directly asked him that question. Red is seen denying it, and said that her father died in a fire. However, there was a glimpse of Red's back, with the skin on it looking as though it has been badly burned before.

The premise of the show is all about Red's blacklist and his relationship with Keen, so it's very possible that the second season would give more hints whether the former FBI agent turned hit man is really the father of the rookie FBI agent.

"The Blacklist" returns for its second season on Sept. 22 on NBC.