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The Broken Center of American Political Life

The Broken Center of American Political Life

Last month, while interviewing former senator Jim Webb, "Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd labeled Webb "a rare and dying breed. A centrist and a moderate." Todd also suggested that "The center's been hollowed out."

Intense emotions are pervasive on our social media feeds. It seems that half of America thinks President Donald Trump can do no wrong. The other half is "spitting bricks." Donald Trump (like President Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton) seems to resonate like the New England Patriots. Either you love him, or you hate him.

According to Jim Webb (currently a Democrat; formerly a Republican), the current level of American uproar is not because of the Trump victory. He said, "If Hillary Clinton had won, you would be seeing the same sort of activity that you're seeing now. They would just be focused on different things."

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