The City Harmonic Gears Up for New Album

Bestselling new artist The City Harmonic has been experiencing much success with the release of their debut EP, Introducing the City Harmonic, and show no signs of slowing down as they set sight on preparing for their first full-length project.

The world was first introduced to The City Harmonic with the release of their hit single, “Manifesto,” that carries the message that they hope to disseminate throughout the church, which is unity.

“I think often times in Christendom we put a lot of energy into the things on which we disagree with one another, as opposed to really being clear about what our common ground is in the church,” explained Elias Dummer, the group's leading vocalist and pianist.

In the midst of their hectic touring schedule, the group began working on the new album in March expecting to only record half of it but ended up recording the entire project. The album, expected to be released on October 18, carries the theme of a Christian’s undying hope and the feeling of living between two worlds.

The lead single, “I Have A Dream,” partially inspired by Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech, embodies the theme of the album.

“Its like Christians have a hopeful nostalgia. We know the world ought to be a certain way and it isn’t that way now but we see a [day] when it will be again” said Dummer in describing the song.