'The Defenders' News: Luke Cage More Open as a Superhero

Facebook/defendersMarvel's "The Defenders" premiered on Netflix on Aug. 18.

With the premiere of Marvel's "The Defenders" last Aug. 18, fans saw some of the characters being a bit different from how they were when they were last seen on TV. An example of this was the change in Luke Cage.

Mike Colter's Luke Cage is one of the four superheroes who banded together in the new Marvel series, alongside the Iron Fist, Jessica Jones and Daredevil. The show has just been released, and while some people may not have had the chance to watch it yet, Colter talked about what fans can expect from his character in the new series.

"I think Luke is now at a stage where he's not running from the law anymore. He's aware that there are things out there that he can't do as a man of the people, as the hero of Harlem, or whatever he wants to kind of call himself. But ultimately, he sort of has freedom now to explore. It changes his personality, I think. He's more open," said Colter.

The actor went on to reveal that the Luke Cage that fans will get to see in the new series is a jovial one, someone who is more relaxed and does not have to hide anything. He said that while Luke Cage is not an open book in "The Defenders," he seems to be more approachable now that he is a hero that people are aware of.

Meanwhile, recent reports also say that the new series sets the stage for the Luke Cage-Iron Fist dynamic to be explored. Netflix will reportedly come up with a "Heroes for Hire" series, which will feature the legendary team-up of the two heroes.

In a recent interview with IGN, star Finn Jones revealed that "The Defenders" brings to life on-screen the iconic comic book partnership between Luke Cage and the Iron Fist that will be featured in "Heroes for Hire."

Marvel's "The Defenders" can now be streamed on Netflix.